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Corey’s Bow (Part 2)

Corey got pretty good with his bow, slowly learning to adjust his aim — always to the left for distance, but perfectly true for close in. He frowned and sighed. He had really good eyesight, and he didn’t like having to correct his aim for no good reason. Then one day, he got exciting news.

“We’re going to Isabela Island,” said his mother. “Pack your bags!”

“Isabela Island!” exclaimed Corey. “Where in the world is that?”

“In South America,” said his brother Pete. (I forgot to tell you he had an amazing little brother; his brother didn’t have a bow, so I thought it wouldn’t matter at first.) “Isabela with one “l”, off the coast of Ecuador, which is on the equator. Equator, Ecuador. A Galapagos Island, too.”

“Wow,” said Corey. How did Pete know such things when he was only 8 years old? Then, what really mattered to him, “Can I bring my bow?”

Of course he could, and Corey and Pete and their mom and dad packed and went to Ecuador the next day and to Isabela Island the day after. They had many adventures, the most exciting being that Corey was allowed to shoot his bow right beside the Wolf Volcano. He was not allowed to shoot goats or pink land iguanas, of course. He had to set targets, which was slow because he was shooting so far. But how many kids get to take their bows to Galapagos? He had no complaints.

And there was an even bigger surprise waiting for him…

The first time he shot, Corey missed his target completely. As he lowered his bow and looked, his mouth fell open. His arrow had fallen distinctly to the left of the target where he had aimed out of his new habit. Quickly, and full of excitement, he fitted another arrow and shot straight where his eyes told him.

Bull’s eye! He could hardly believe it. He spent the whole afternoon with his bow and every shot after the first went precisely where his eye sent it. Pete watched and generously helped him get his arrows back. Corey could hardly contain his excitement. Every arrow perfectly true. “Do you suppose it’s got anything to do with being on the equator,” he wondered to his brother.

“Of course,” said Pete. “Gaspard told me.”

“Gaspard!” exclaimed Corey. “Do you know who he is?”

“Friend of mine,” said Pete, and he sat down beside a friendly pink land iguana with black stripes and wouldn’t say another word.

To be continued

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