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USA Today has a weather map that is interesting. It has the fronts, the highs and lows, and the isobars, though it does not label or explain themĀ or give the barometric readings for them. At the top of the map, you will find that you have some other map options, such as satellite and radar views. But the view of fronts is the most helpful for our present purposes.

Of course the Jet Stream map is always interesting.

And the NOAA weather satellite map is more interesting that USA Today’s because you can get an animation over a 24 hour period.

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Links restored

The links to the jet stream and to a site that gives satellite images of what amounts to cloud cover have been restored to the site. They are under blogroll at the side, and make it easy to check on the jet stream at any time. Just click on the link.

The satellite images are actually infra-red images, but the clouds come out strongly in such imagery because of their reflectivity. As a result, you get better cloud images than the visible light imagery which goes dark when the sun sets. You can get a single still image or up to a 24-hour loop.

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